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The website «ESTO-RUSSICA» is devoted to the study of Estonian-Russian historical, literary and cultural relations and to the scholars in this field. Another part is devoted to the life and culture of the Russian community in Estonia, and also to the Russian emigration culture in the Republic of Estonia in the 1920-30's. These topics, going beyond purely academic concerns, have a great interest for a general public both in Estonia and abroad.

The website was created by the Department of Russian Literature at the University of Tartu with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Estonia. The members of the project team sought to provide readers with the works which had been written over the years by the members of the Department or with their participation, by their students and alumni and which had been published in various editions, sometimes in journals with a small circulation. The leading scholar in all these research fields was and still is late Professor Sergey Isakov (1931–2013), a long-term head of the Department. We dedicate this website to his memory.

The structure of website gives an idea of the represented materials. The first section — Chronicle — contains a text that records the most important daily events of the cultural and social life of the Russian community in Estonia during the 1918–1940s. The second section — Biographica — includes materials on the figures of Russian culture in Estonia: two reference books, articles and essays which represent the basis of the future biographical dictionary, conceived in 1993.The third section — Estica — contains some papers, books and collections of articles on the Estonian- Russian literary and cultural relations. The forth section — S. Isakov — provides data about the life and heritage of the scholar, and contains a bibliography of his works. The fifth section — For Teachers — includes popular materials, which can be used for teaching at school. The data on the creators of the website “Esto-Russica” is available in the sixth section “On the Project”. The last section — Links — gives information of other websites and Internet sources devoted to similar studies.

We hope that the website “Esto-Russica” is a useful resource for scholars, professors, teachers, and students of universities and schools and for all those who are interested in issues of intercultural communication and Estonian-Russian contacts. We look forward to a broad cooperation with all interested users. Ideally, the website should become an interactive environment which will bring together users from different countries. Being interdisciplinary by its nature, the website “Esto-Russica” invites for cooperation between literary scholars, historians, linguists, semioticians and culture experts, bibliographers and archivists. All comments, suggestions and additions please send to the following address:

The compiling of the website is a laborious process, so not all sections will be put into operation at the same time, but these gaps will be gradually filled up.

Born in Narva, S. Issakov entered in1949 the Department of Russian Language and Literature of the Faculty of History and Philology at the University of Tartu, and graduated cum laude in 1954.

The main events related to the promotion and development of the project will be reflected here.
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